If you’re as excited about flexible learning as we are, you’re in the right place.

We aspire to be leaders at all levels of online education internationally within an Islamic framework; employing the best, up-to-date technology and resources to provide an affordable, Islamically spirited, professional and efficient service to sculpt future leaders.

Qurtuba Online Academy is a digital Islamic school based in South Africa. Our  dual-curriculum ensures students a broad academic future, while simultaneously providing access to quality Islamic studies subjects, including Arabic.

Our classes provide all the necessary resources for students to thrive in a self-directed learning environment. Using the flipped learning methodology, students are provided with vibrant, engaging presentations, pre-recorded videos and other resources to engage with subject matter before live lessons, in which the teacher facilitates completion of problem-solving activities. This way students are able to familiarise themselves with subject matter in a meaningful way, at their own pace, before applying it practically.

Our Team

  • We have employed qualified and experienced facilitators to ensure that the educational needs of our students are met.

  • Our facilitators will provide constructive feedback, support, and assistance through the various tools available on our student portal. 

  • Learners will have access to live interaction as well as personalised correspondence with their respective subject facilitators.

We believe in designing Muslim leaders by

  • Appointing qualified facilitators and architects of knowledge who will personify our value systems of professionalism, vibrancy, innovation and efficiency through continuous development and support.

  • Employment of the latest, attractive, easy to use and reliable online learning management systems and content delivery tools

  • Instilling the Islamic spirit within ourselves and our students, of selfless service to the world with integrity, confidence, competence, humility, true care and Allah-consciousness.

  • Ownership and accountability for all that we do.