How do I sign up?

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How long between sign up and acceptance?

There is a three-day processing period between application and acceptance.

What supporting documents are required?

Student’s birth certificate, report card of previous successful grade completed, parent’s ID documents, and proof of employment/ income for account holder.

Will students be able to apply to South African universities with Internationally Recognised curricula?

Definitely! Not only will the student be able to apply locally, he/ she can apply internationally as well.

There are rules for entry into South African universities as set out by USAF [Universities of South Africa]. Don’t stress, we’ve studied them and will guide you accordingly, Allah Willing.

Are the Islamic Studies subjects compulsory?

No. One could add Islamic studies to their schooling or pursue our Islamic Studies curriculum [Madrasah] on its own.

Do you offer the CAPS curriculum?

Yes, we do. We offer Grades R to 12 and are accredited by SACAI.

How do lessons work?

Lessons are pre-recorded and made available to learners via the Learner Management System (LMS). A live session will be held at regular intervals for additional support, feedback and questions on unclear areas.

What materials do students engage with before the live lesson?

Learners will use the recording, assessments and any material required as per their schedule of work that will be drawn up and shared with them by the facilitator.

What is the duration of pre-recorded lectures?

The pre-recorded lectures be long enough to cover a concept which could be 10-15 minutes but could extend to a maximum of 30 minutes. 

Do lecturers see the students and vice versa?

No. Students see the virtual smart board with presentations, live annotations, etc. They engage with the lecturer via the microphone, text chat and other means.

For sciences, how will practicals be conducted?

Practicals will be recorded by the lecturer in laboratories and the video made available to learners. Further investigation and discussion have been initiated with course developers in achieving the best way to approach such an activity.

Where can I make payment?

You will receive invoices which will contain a link to remit payment via Payfast, a portal where you can pay by EFT, debit or credit card.

Who do I contact for account queries?

Send an email to finance@qurtubaonline.co.za or hit the help widget or you can call our office on (+27) 10 109 1784

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