Success Through Online Education

Just how real are the benefits of the virtual classroom?

The world we live is frequently referred to as the digital age, with a strong focus on efficiency and connectivity and with technology advancing at a mind-boggling rate, it’s not surprising that online education has grown into a substantial market space over the last decade.

Online schooling is widely regarded as the future of education and has always seemed like the eventual and natural landing zone in the evolution of education in the 21st century. However, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift towards distance learning, resulting in millions of students and parents from around the globe, realising the benefits and potential of online education, ensuring that this trend is here to stay.

Online schools provide students with a flexible, personalized and cost-effective learning experience. With just a simple Wi-Fi connection, students no longer have to be physically present in a classroom to receive a quality education. Instead, they can learn from anywhere, at any time, and at their own pace.

This flexibility eliminates the need for long commutes, expensive uniforms and allows students to balance their education with other objectives such as Hifz or Alimah classes. In addition, online schools typically offer more learning options to choose from, which means that students and parents can select what best suits their lifestyle and schedule. While, obviously not without its challenges, these benefits have led to more and more students opting to enroll in an online school.

A clear testament to this is Qurtuba Online Academy, which in 2019, one year before Covid hit our shores, launched as an online Madrassah. In just four years, the institute has gone on to become the Largest Global Online Islamic School providing affordable, accessible and quality education all within an Islamic framework. Qurtuba online Academy or QOA, as it is more fondly referred to, has achieved this through a multi-faceted dynamic approach including assessing, adapting and innovating aimed at not only maintaining their high-level quality service but continuously improving on their efficiency and effectiveness.

Top Matric Results

The fruits of this can be seen in a number of impactful outcomes, not least the recent matric results. Last year marked a milestone as QOA ushered in their first matric students since launching in 2019 and the results were outstanding, solidifying their reputation as one of the leaders in online education. QOA finished as the top performing SACAI institute from more than 60 SACAI schools, had the top achiever amongst 5000 students with 7 distinctions and the majority of their learners obtained a bachelors pass.

The results are further evidence to the commitment of the school to providing a high-quality education to all students, with state-of-the-art digital technology, highly qualified educators and dedicated staff to guide and support learners through their schooling journey.

Another advantage is QOA’s strong Islamic ethos which is not just represented by the online Madrasah but is at the heart of the school’s identity and approach, giving parents piece of mind on the content being consumed by their children at school. QOA believes this Islamic ethos is also essential for the development of young Muslim school-goers helping them understand and prepare for their role as Muslims in the real world riddled with ever increasing challenges and obstacles.

There are two very clear observations that can be identified here – The first being that the concept of traditional education has changed radically and there is an increase in the recognition that online schooling is a valuable tool and its many benefits such flexibility, accessibility, personalization, and cost efficiency are substantial enough to at the very least consider the move.

The second is that Qurtuba Online Academy has without a doubt provided a viable, affordable, and impressively high-quality option for those looking into online schooling.

Article written by Hungry for Halaal Blogger.

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